Dr. Charles Sagoe-Moses, WHO Representative to Tanzania, Commends The Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam for Providing Exceptional Healthcare Services

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1st December 2023. The World Health Organization (WHO) country representative in Tanzania, Dr. Charles Sagoe-Moses, visited the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam (AKH, D) on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 to view the facility and become familiar with Aga Khan Health Service Tanzania (AKHST).

During the visit, Dr. Sagoe-Moses engaged in discussions with Mr. Sisawo Konteh, Chief Executive Officer of AKHST along with other clinical and administrative leaders. They provided an overview of AKHST’s initiatives, highlighting various donor-funded Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects that have made a significant impact on the community.  These projects are in line with the Government of Tanzania’s commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The team delved into specific projects such as the Tanzania Comprehensive Cancer Project (TCCP), the Improving Emergency Care in Tanzania (IMECT) project, and the Aga Khan – KFW COVID-19 Vaccination Project. They elaborated on the utilization of mobile vans to deliver vaccinations and health screenings in remote areas. Additionally, they introduced the AKHST Home Care programme, known as “Home to Hospital to Home” (H2H2H), as an innovative approach to delivering high-quality health care directly to patients in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, the team acquainted Dr. Sagoe-Moses with AKH, D’s Lactation programme, designed to boost breastfeeding rates in the population. The visit concluded with a tour of the hospital. AKHST through it’s 27 Outreach Health Centres and two hospitals in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, recorded over one million outpatient visits last year, with the numbers steadily increasing nationwide. The institutions continues to complement government initiatives in health systems strengthening through its facilities and donor funded projects.

Dr. Sagoe-Moses expressed his positive outlook on the diverse range of services and facilities available at AKH, D, and commended the diligent efforts undertaken across AKHST on a national scale. He specifically lauded the effectiveness of AKHST’s Outreach Health Centres as Primary Care sites, emphasizing their success in reaching communities living in “urban slums” and ensuring universal healthcare accessibility.

With a professional background in health systems, Dr. Sagoe-Moses conveyed his enthusiasm for the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, recognizing their role in enhancing local capacity and improving health systems through infrastructure and human resource development. He explicitly praised the Aga Khan – KFW COVID-19 Vaccination Project, emphasizing its alignment with the imperative to “leave no one behind,” as outlined in the SDG 2030 Agenda.

Moreover, Dr. Sagoe-Moses commended AKH, D’s lactation programme, noting the significance of optimal breastfeeding for long-term health outcomes. He highlighted the unique leadership of private health facilities in spearheading the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.

In conclusion, Dr. Sagoe-Moses reaffirmed the World Health Organization’s commitment to advancing public health in Tanzania.  He expressed his eagerness to collaborate closely with the Government and various partners, including AKHST, to achieve the SDG 2030 Agenda in Tanzania.  Dr. Sagoe-Moses referenced existing collaborative programmes between WHO and AKHST and expressed hope for a meeting between their technical teams to further explore and discuss innovative initiatives.


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