Launch of Home-based care programme

On 1st March 2022, we launched the Home-Based Care program, dubbed Home to Hospital to Home (H2H2H), a service by professionals that is convenient, dependable and affordable, from the comfort. The launch took place at the Imperial Hotel, Kisumu.

The event was graced by Ephraim Odeny, the County Chief Nursing Officer and
was attended by Dr Lynette Odida from social development also saw
the participation of our various stakeholders including KRA, Britam, Jubilee and AAR.
Some of the benefits of Home-Based Care include;
• Continuity of care from health facility to home and community.
• Professional services at the comfort and convenience of your home.
• Privacy and freedom for the patient, help in reducing stigmatization.
• Reduced risks of cross-infection, and hospital-acquired infections.
• Empowers people living with chronic illnesses and families to ensure long term
care and support.

• Access to Tele-medicine Consultations.
• Affordable

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